Adriana has so enriched my daughter’s life through dance that we would follow her anywhere! Miss A has impeccable training -  including teacher certification by the American Ballet Theater - and is a marvelously loving, positive person. It is a joy to watch her teach any children.

My daughter, Melissa, has developmental disabilities that take a special touch from a teacher along with an active interest in solving the puzzle of how to adapt dance teaching methods to meet Melissa’s unique learning needs. Miss A has the skill, the patience, and, so remarkably, the passion to help Melissa learn to dance!

Our time with Miss A began in late 2011, with group lessons and performances in the unique Santa Monica adaptive dance performance program, Free 2 Be Me Dance, hosted at the Westside School of Ballet. About a year later, in August 2012, Melissa started private ballet lessons (and sometimes tap lessons) with Ms. A. We have continued weekly, now into our sixth year, (with only one break, for the arrival of Adriana's adorable baby girl!) Ms. A does it all - formal ballet and tap, expressive dance, choreographed pieces to Melissa’s favorite music, rehearsal of performance pieces… I hope to continue for years to come!

- Cheryl Hein

Miss "A" is a wonderful teacher! Her patience with her students and her soft spoken style make her students very comfortable and attentive to her instruction. She makes ballet fun and connects with her students in such a way that makes them excited to go to ballet class every week.

- Harshal Doshi

Miss "A" is the reason my daughter fell in love with ballet at a young age and is now at the pre-professional program at American Ballet Theater’s Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis School.

- Henny Naumman-Cain

Adriana was our son Mateo’s dance teacher for 3 years. Mateo started with Adriana before he could even walk!  Adriana is always incredibly supportive, positive, and fun!

We highly recommend her!

- Amy & Anthony Stabley